Golgona Anghel

(b. 1979)

'In Golgona’s poems, the proliferation of references – historical, political, literary, autobiographical... – and their deconstruction by occasional rhymes and by humour and derision, instead of mapping reading and reality’s territories, making them safe ground for the readers, unsettle them immensely. We are dealing with a poetry which is accurately self-aware, provoking, capable of precise and ruthless expression (‘our happiness concentration camp’) and reveals a voice which even if choosing silence goes on throbbing: ‘I abandon the poem halfway through./It’s no good for me,/ if the death screams/are mixed with Telecom’s commercials.’
Golgona Anghel was born in Romania and came to Lisbon, where she now lives, to study Portuguese contemporary literature. She has since acquired a PhD in this subject and is a university teacher.


Poetry books since 2000: Crematório sentimental (2007), Cómo desaparecer  (translation by José Ángel Cilleruelo) (2011), Vim porque me pagavam (2011), Lobos  (with David Teles Pereira e Diogo Vaz Pinto) (2013), Como uma flor de plástico na montra de um talho (2013)


Terça, 31 de Janeiro de 2023