Filipa Leal

(b. 1979)

'The most difficult thing for a poet is to find her or his own voice. If I read one of Filipa’s poems on a newspaper, an anthology or a solitary blog, I would easily recognise her voice. Filipa Leal’s world is full of trees, light and shadow, night, houses, books, words... Hers is not a poetry of acrobatics or summersaults. Filipa builds up the poem, i.e. its web, thread by thread, meticulously. And we, the readers, fall like flies into it.'
Filipa Leal was born in Porto and studied journalism at the University of Westminster in London. She went on to do a MA in Portuguese and Brazilian Literature at the University of Porto and has since worked as a journalist in radio, newspapers and television and organised a series of literary readings and events in different cultural venues.
Poetry books since 2000: Talvez os Lírios Compreendam (2004), A Cidade Líquida e Outras Texturas (2006), O Problema de ser Norte (2008), A Inexistência de Eva (2009), Vale Formoso (2013)


Terça, 31 de Janeiro de 2023