Fernando Eduardo Carita

(b. 1961)

'Fernando Eduardo Carita’s poetry can be seen as possessing a singular conscience, marked by aphorism and parable – a sententious style which, nevertheless, does not dispense with an intimate, lyrical register which questions the world, the meaning of meaning, the home – language – which appears to him as the symbol of a lost place that the poem tries to resuscitate. The thematic of his poetry revolves around the questions of the name, of the author’s authority, the inexorability of time, the process of the identity of a subject who permanently wonders, within the poem, about god’s absence. He is a discreet author who has become one of the most original voices of Portuguese contemporary poetry.'
Fernando Eduardo Carita (who sadly died in June 2013) read Modern Languages and Literatures at the University of Lisbon.  He worked as a teacher in a secondary school and also as a translator.
Poetry books since 2000: A salvação pelo vazio/ Le salut par le vide   (bilingual ed. translated into French by Marie Claire Vromans) (2005), A casa , o caminho/ La maison, le chemin  (bilingual ed. translated into French by Marie Claire Vromans) (2008)


Terça, 31 de Janeiro de 2023