Diogo Vaz Pinto

(b. 1985)

'Diogo Vaz Pinto’s poetry stands out by achieving the voice of a personal universe, and possesses a remarkable power to magnify not only individual but also generational memories which are full of meaning and emotion. Thanks to a language that grasps an intense transfiguring capacity, Diogo’s writing also manages a descriptive breath which, intertwined with narrative, acquires a magnetism and a resonance that are uncommon in most poetry of his generation.'
Diogo Vaz Pinto lives in Lisbon, studied Law, and is one of the editors of the literary magazine Criatura, where several of his poems have been published.
Poetry books since 2000: Nervo (2011), Lobos  (with David Teles Pereira e Golgona Anghel) (2013)


Terça, 31 de Janeiro de 2023